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Story of Tulikettu

Far in the North, above the Arctic Circle, a legendary creature runs across the fells painting the night sky as sparks fly from its tail. Powerful enough to create light amidst the darkest sky, and faster than the wind; it is cunning and sly, unable to be caught. Its name is Tulikettu.


Finnish offshore racing team

Finnish offshore racing takes a notable new step with the creation of new foiling Infiniti 52 grand-prix racing yacht named Tulikettu. Goal of Tulikettu Racing team is to be the first all-Finnish crew to win RORC’s most legendary and important offshore races and overall Season Points Championship.

Tulikettu Race Calendar

Introducing Tulikettu Project

(11 minutes)

Tulikettu & Xtra Stærk Ocean Racing Society

About Xtra Stærk Club

Xtra Stærk Ocean Racing Society is a yacht club founded in 2018. The club’s teams primarily race offshore races, but also participate in the Finnish Sailing League, a track sailing championship between Finnish yacht clubs on smaller keel boats.

Xtra Stærk website